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Music video by P!NK performing Hopelessly Devoted To You (Olivia Newton-John Tribute) (Live From The 2022 American Music Awards). (C) 2022 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Elton John & Britney Spears’ new single ‘Hold Me Closer’ is out now! Pre-order limited edition CD singles

#EltonJohn #BritneySpears #HoldMeCloser
This stunning dance video for Hold Me Closer, shot in Mexico City by the award winning director Tanu Muino beautifully capturing an immeasurable feeling of intimacy so missing from the world through the turmoil and chaos of recent times.
Tanu said, "This was an emotional one for me as I grew up with Britney. After seeing "Slave For You," I decided that I wanted to become a video director. Elton John is an icon that I and the world grew up listening to,” On the creative direction, Muino continued, "Going into this video, I knew there would be a lot of emotional expectations the audience and fans would have. With this responsibility, I had to do something different and unexpected. The dance had to be forward-thinking to raise eyebrows and make Elton and Britney proud. To capture this magic, we shot around all my favorite architectural locations in Mexico City and brought on choreographer Jacob Jonas who does the best contemporary choreography today. Getting the best dancers, crew, and access to some of the most private locations in the world was simple as everyone wanted to work with Elton John and be part of his legacy."

Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
Producers: Robert Katz, Frank Borin, Ivana Borin
Director: Tanu Muino

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QUEEN rediscovered track featuring Freddie Mercury ‘FACE IT ALONE’ arrives as digital single release Thursday October 13
Precedes arrival of Queen ‘The Miracle Collector’s Edition’ coming November 18

Pre-order The Miracle-Collector's Edition:
Download/Stream Face It Alone:

Having generated a media firestorm back in the summer when band members Brian May and Roger Taylor first leaked news of a rediscovered Queen song featuring Freddie Mercury being considered for possible release, the highly anticipated ‘lost’ track, ‘Face It Alone’, drops as a simultaneous worldwide single release Thursday 13 October, 11.15am BST.

The track’s existence was first revealed by May and Taylor in a BBC radio interview at their appearance at this year’s Royal Jubilee concert at which they performed the opening with their regular singer Adam Lambert, with Roger Taylor describing it as “a little gem from Freddie that we’d kind of forgotten about”, with Brian May saying “it’s beautiful, it’s touching.”

The track’s arrival as a single leads in a November 18 release of a new revisiting of the band’s 13th album, The Miracle, the band’s penultimate to be released in Freddie Mercury’s lifetime, which now becomes available in a lavish 8-disc Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition box set format.

Among its contents, the expanded set includes The Miracle Sessions: an hour-plus disc of further previously unreleased recordings, including six unpublished songs. Just as tantalising for fans, the audio includes the band’s candid spoken exchanges on the studio floor in London and Montreux, giving the most revealing window yet into the four members’ creative process and the joy, in-jokes and banter on their return to working together.

‘Face It Alone’ was originally recorded during the band’s historic 1988 sessions for that album, a prolific period which saw the band lay down around 30 tracks, many of which were never released, but remained among those that didn’t make the final album cut. It was rediscovered when the band’s production and archive team returned to those sessions to work on The Miracle box set reissue.

“We’d kind of forgotten about this track,” admits Roger Taylor, “but there it was, this little gem. It’s wonderful, a real discovery. It’s a very passionate piece”.

The single will be the first new song featuring Freddie Mercury released in over 8 years. On 2014’s Queen Forever album the band included three previously unheard tracks with Mercury, including ‘Let Me in Your Heart Again,’ ‘Love Kills’ and ‘There Must Be More to Life Than This.’

Speaking of the rediscovered track, Brian May says: “I’m happy that our team were able to find this track. After all these years, it’s great to hear all four of us … yes, Deacy is there too … working in the studio on a great song idea which never quite got completed … until now!”

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Face It Alone Official Lyrics:

When something so near and dear to life,
Explodes inside,
You feel your soul,
Is set on fire.

When something so deep and so far and wide,
Falls down beside,
Your cries can be heard,
So loud and clear.

Your life is your own,
You're in charge of yourself,
Master of your home,
In the end,
In the end,
You have to face it all alone.

When something so dear to your life,
Explodes inside,
You feel your soul,
Is burned alive (burned alive).

When something so deep and so far and wide,
Falls down beside,
Your cries can be heard,
So loud and clear.

Your life is your own,
You're in charge of yourself,
Master of your home,
In the end,
In the end,
You have to face it alone.

When the moon has lost its glow,
When the moon has lost its glow,
When the moon has, when the moon has lost its glow,
When the moon, when the moon has lost its glow,
You have to face it all alone.

Queen - Face It Alone (Official Lyric Video)

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Official Video for Sofia Reyes - 1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto)

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FB: Sosofiareyes
Twitter: sofiareyes
IG: sofiareyesp

Sofia, Music history, DELA!
Oh baby I’m thinking maybe that you were always a piece of
You’re rubbing your dirt on everyone’s skirt you know how to
be a ddd…
Donde están tus modales, que no aprendiste ni a saludar
Parece que hoy me gustas un poco más
Hola comment allez, allez-vous
So nice to meet you
You say we should go and get a room

If you wanna turn it on
Go get a lightbulb, después hablamos
If you wanna turn it on
Go get a lighter, después bailamos
Ohhh 123, 123
Si te doy un beso ya estas a mis pies
Dime 123, 123
La la la- la la la

Oh baby just hush the talking
And let my loving ease your mind
If love’s the game let’s play a million times
Baby give it to me
I’ll be good company
Baby mi nombre es Jason Derulo

SOFIA - Coro
If you wanna turn it on
Go get a lightbulb, después hablamos
If you wanna turn it on
Go get a lighter, después bailamos
Ohhhh 123, 123
Si te doy un beso ya estás a mis pies
Dime 123, 123
La la la – la la la

Disculpe la ignorancia nunca quise lastimarte
Lo que quiero es transformarte en mi Diosa mi obra de arte
Dime si tu quiere me da igual cómo se hace
Prendemos toda la noche y a las nubes voy a llevarte
Quiero yo enseñarte mucha’ cosa’ interesante
Convertirte en mi dama, en la cama amarrarte
Besarte de arriba a abajo pa’ ponerlo interesante
Después de todo esto nunca vas a olvidarte

Hola comment allez, allez-vous…

It’s ‘bout time we go and get a room…

If you wanna turn it on
Go get a lightbulb, después hablamos
If you wanna turn it on
Go get a lighter, después bailamos
Ohh 123, 123
Si te doy un beso ya estas a mis pies
Dime 123, 123
La la la – la la la

La la la – la la la (todos)
123 123
Care for me 123 (Jason)
123 123
Love how you counted out for me babe (Jason)
123 i’mma make you a freak girl…(todos)
Care for me 123 (Jason)
123 123
Love how you counted out for me babe… (Jason)

#SofiaReyes #123


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⁣Dapa Deep Live 24/7 || Models & Music

Radiolove Dance
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⁣Ivan Granatino - Coca Cola

Radiolove Dance
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Radiolove Dance
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Radiolove Dance
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⁣Ana Mena - Mezzanotte

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit — stripped-down sets, an intimate setting — just a different space.

Dec. 4, 2020 | Abby O'Neill -- With a genuine smile stretched across her face, Dua Lipa seems overjoyed to reconnect with her band for their only performance since their tour in support of her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, was cancelled in March. Glowing from the inside out and accentuated by the apricot hues of a backdrop in a London studio, Dua and her backup vocalists and band bring life and warmth into households in need of "levitating" and some pep in their step this winter. This vibrant four song set of dance hits, all from Future Nostalgia, will surely have you cutting up the floor in your kitchen while quarantining in the cold weather.

While we can't film our Tiny Desk concerts at NPR's D.C. office during the pandemic, our "home" series has created opportunity for global megastars like Dua Lipa to bring her uptempo dance joints all the way from London. Of Kosovar Albanian descent, Dua Lipa was raised in the UK and rose to super stardom in the three years since her eponymous debut album dropped in 2017. NPR Music featured her in our docu-series Noteworthy at the onset of her career. It's been extraordinary to witness her colossal takeover of the pop music landscape. Dua sums the times during her intro of "Love Again": "It's about manifesting good things into your life, when things aren't quite going your way."

"Pretty Please"
"Love Again"
"Don't Start Now"

Dua Lipa: vocals
Matthew Carroll: bass
Alex Lanyon: guitar
Naomi Scarlett: vocals
Ciara O'Connor: vocals
Izzy Chase: vocals
Matt Maijah: vocals

Video: Ceremony London, James Barnes
Audio: WFB Live, Will Nicholson
Producer: Abby O'Neill
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Associate Producer
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Maia Stern
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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Ascolta “Ciao Ciao” e “Be my baby” nella “Ciao Ciao Edition” di “My Mamma”:

LRDL è un progetto di Veronica Lucchesi e Dario Mangiaracina

Regia e Montaggio: Simone Rovellini
DOP: Davide Gatti

Una produzione di: Numero Uno - Sony Music Entertainment - Woodworm
Direzione Artistica Numero Uno: Sara Potente

Produzione: Mati S.r.l.
Produttore Esecutivo: Sara Rivolta
Direzione Artistica Mati: Carolina Stamerra Grassi
Stylist: Lorenzo Oddo
Key hair director & Make up artist: Stephanie Glitter
Assistente MUA: Eleonora Marotti
Coreografo: Thomas Signorelli
Assistente Coreografo: Giammarco Capogna
Direzione Artistica: Carolina Stamerra Grassi
Trucco band: Serena Polh, Giada Rusmini, Martina Belletti, Marco Roscino
Studio: BigMotion

Chitarra: Roberto Cammarata
Basso: Carmelo Drago
Synth e programmazioni: Simone Privitera
Batteria: Roberto Calabrese
Percussioni: Marta Cannuscio
Sax Tenore: Erika Lucchesi
Trombone: Gabriele Spadini
Tromba: Enrico Lupi
Cori: Clara Lasagna e Vittoria Santarelli

Abiti: LEVI’S
Scarpe Veronica: SERGIO ROSSI

Con la partecipazione straordinaria di Peter Gomez
Un ringraziamento speciale a Marco De Vincenzo

Radiolove Dance
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Ana Mena – Duecentomila ore (Sanremo 2022)

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Achille Lauro - DOMENICA (Official Video) [Sanremo 2022]
Ascolta ora |

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Regia Achille Lauro
Creative Direction
Achille Lauro & Erasmo Ciufo

Soggetto di
Achille Lauro, Erasmo Ciufo, Leandro Emede
Prodotto da Antonio Giampaolo x Maestro
DOP: Andrea Dutto
Editing: Sugarkane
Ass. Regia: Francesca Limardo
Color grading: Alessandro Rocchi x Chroma Division
Ass. Colorist: Andrea Sabatelli
Organizzatore Generale: Giammario D’Eramo
Coordinatori di Produzione: Marina Greco, William Ridley
Set Designer: Francesca Pesce, Nicole Grittini

Achille Lauro Management: Angelo Calculli,
Stylist Achille Lauro: Nick Cerioni
Hair Stylist Achille Lauro: Domenico La Serra
Make Up Artist Achille Lauro: Davide Maisano
Ass. Stylist: Michele Potenza, Salvatore Pezzella
Coreografa: Alessandra Valenti

Costumista: Roberta Blarasin
Make up artist e Hair Stylist: Michela Ferrari
Ass. costumi: Melissa Brollo
Assistenti Mua e Hair stylist: Valentina Woo, Federica Variato

Focus Puller: Gaia Ferme
Steadycam: Ariel Salati
Aiuto Operatore: Emanuela Piazza
Video Assist: Rodolfo Sessa

Capo Elettricista: Simone Giannico
Elettricisti: Tommaso Pinto, Ion Zlotea
Capo macchinista: Mario Zacchetti
Macchinista: Richard Albaran
Manovale: Andrea Simeone
Ass. di produzione: Massimo Bellai

Band: Gregorio Calculli, Raffaele Littorio, Marco Lanciotti, Matteo Ciceroni, Simon Pietro Manzari, Nicola Iazzi, Riccardo Castelli
Cast: Fabio Dervishaj, Beatrice Contini, Mattia Zarotti, Gabriella Cacucci, Nedjou Jacob adrien, Giorgia Trezza, Crystal Lois Bongat, Flavio Papa, Margarita Muzicuka, Alessio Pignatti, Asia Giuliani

Foto Backstage: Giulia Parmigiani, Asia Michelazzo
Graphic design: Lettergram

Ringraziamento speciale all'Harlem Gospel Choir.

Special Thanks to:
Sveva Alberotanza, Roberta Parisi, team De Marinis e MK3, Warner Music Italy, Gucci, J Luca Bressa, PKT Studios, The Westin Palace Milan, Maria Vittoria Beatrici, Claudia Valuri, Raffaele Lucci, Roberto Minotti, Videodesign, Amg, Urbanity srl, Rancati srl, Magazzeeno srl, Bulgari, Music Mania Fx, Biglioli, Thymos Medical, Brutal Casting

Il video è stato realizzato rispettando tutte le norme di sicurezza a tutela del contenimento del virus SARS-CoV-2.


È come i cani che si annusano, oh no
Oppure i gatti che girano al porto
Negli occhi è rock n’ roll
Sembra ti tocchino
Oh my God
Città peccaminose
Donne pericolose L’amore è un overdose
150 dosi
Oh sì, sì
Fanculo è Rollin’ Stone
Ah ah ah
È zucchero e lampone
Mi ingoia come un boa
Lei dice “come osi”
E poi mi spoglia
È come un ladro
Le tratto bene se no si innamorano ah, ah
Più tardi in camera
Sì poi ti chiamerò

È come fosse Domenica
Baby, è ancora presto, presto
È come fosse Domenica
Sì domani poi vedrò
Come no

È come fosse Domenica
È come fosse Domenica
Oh no, no

E se li fisso non rispondono
Esco dal bagno con 3 figli e moglie
E mamma guarda come dondolo
Ho un brutto voto dopo il compito
La sposo? la sposo, come no
Le voglio bene ma mi do per morto
Ah ah ah
Sta vita è un roller coaster,
Romanzo rosa, no piuttosto un porno

#AchilleLauro #DOMENICA #Sanremo2022

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Laura Pausini - Caja (Official Visual Art Video)


Escucha aquí:

#LauraPausini #Caja #Scatola

Eugenio Aiello
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Laura Pausini - Scatola (Official Visual Art Video)
Listen here: |

#LauraPausini #Caja #Scatola

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⁣Королова - Live @ Year Mix, 4K / Melodic Techno и Progressive House Mix

Radiolove Dance
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Ascolta “A MEZZANOTTE (Christmas Song)

Radiolove Dance
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⁣Ana Mena - Música Ligera (Official Video)

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Dua Lipa performs “Levitating” on-stage for Hello 2021: Americas, YouTube’s virtual NYE celebration. Find more clips and performances from the show here:


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